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ANTENNA is a Community Cloud Telephony Service designed for Central Government. The Service is hosted in secure Government Accredited Data Centres. The Service can be contracted by direct award via Crown Commercial Services Framework RM1045 Lot 10 and is sponsored by the Prime Minister’s Office.


“The Service” is made up of the following Components:


The Telephony service is built using Avaya Aura Technology. The specific components of the service related to telephony are Communication Manager and Session Manager. This aspect of the service gives you the ability to make voice calls to other members of your own organisation and other government departments who are customers of the service.

The Service also includes inbound and outbound PSTN access, this allows external callers to dial a user directly, or be transferred to a user via a switchboard console, users can also make calls to other external users by dialling their full telephone number.  Voice calls can be made from a range of endpoints including telephone handsets, PC Softphone clients and Mobile Clients.  All calls made between ANTENNA endpoints will be secured using TLS and SRTP encryption.

Voice Mail

The Voice Mail Service is built using Avaya Aura Technology; the specific component of the Service related to Voice Mail is Avaya Aura Messaging. This allows internal and external callers to leave a voice message for a user of the Service. 

The user can record an outgoing message inviting the user to leave a message and advising of their current availability. Once a message is left a message waiting indicator is shown on any endpoint that a user logs on to, the message waiting indicator will be extinguished once the message has been listened to and/or deleted.

Read and unread messages can be automatically deleted on a configurable retention policy, and/or the voice mail box may have a limit on its maximum voicemail storage after which the user can receive no more messages, any caller will be advised that they are unable to leave a message as the mailbox is full.

Voice Conferencing

The Voice Conferencing Service is built using Avaya Aura Technology; the specific component of the Service related to Voice Mail is Avaya Aura Conferencing. This allows user with a Power licence to organise a Voice Conference by sending out an invite with a dial-in number and access credentials. Conference accounts are set up with a maximum of 20 parties, although it is possible to offer some users a larger account although specific approval is required. 

There is an Outlook Plug-in available to create a Calendar invite with the access credentials embedded and leveraging the native functionality of Outlook to report meeting acceptances and alternative date/time proposals. 

There is a management portal for management of voice conferences, this is only available to the moderator of the conference. The moderator can confirm and mute participants, it is also possible to configure other conference settings.

Equinox Video, Instant Messaging and Presence Client

The Equinox Instant Messaging Service is built using Avaya Aura Technology, the specific components of the Service related to Equinox Instant Messaging are Avaya Equinox Media Server which is the HD video transcoding server required for screen-sharing and the Equinox Multimedia Server which handles Instant Messaging, presence and content sharing. The Equinox Instant Messaging and Presence Service is consumed through an Equinox Client, there are PC and Apple Desktop clients plus Mobile client versions Apple and Android.

The Equinox Client deliver Instant Messaging, voice and video transmission between users of the service, Instant Messages are organised into conversations; the conversations are persistent across multiple clients.

A Power licence is required for screen-sharing and multi-party video. The Equinox client can act as the default IM and Presence provider for the Microsoft Office Suite.

Contact Centre

The Contact Centre functionality is built using Avaya Aura Technology, contact centre call routing is native to the Avaya Communication Manager server and not dependant on any adjunct call routing server. Callers can be routed to agents based on configurable vector steps based on flexible routing criteria including caller DTMF digit input.

The Avaya Call routing technology is called Call Centre Elite, only voice routing is enabled as part of the standard service. Contact Centre reporting is available from the Avaya Call Management System, the reporting is consumed through a CMS CentreVu Supervisor Windows Client or Web Client. Extensive additional Contact Centre functionality is available on application.


The ANTENNA Analytics platform is built using technology from Tiger Communication, it is the Prism variant of their portfolio. It collects meta-data from the Avaya Aura Platform and users can query the acquired data in several ways. There are several standard reports based on common use-cases which deliver tabular reports and visualisations. It is also possible to build tabular reports by using a drag and drop query tool for more advanced requirements. The Analytics Service is consumed through a web browser.