User experience

The foundation for ANTENNA’s ongoing technical innovation with our partner Avaya is their Avaya Aura® and Breeze™ platform which also places Avaya Equinox into its communication platform.  Equinox is Avaya’s rich, no-compromise, team engagement solution which allows users to truly collaborate anywhere from any device, across any channel.

A single compelling, mobile-first user experience with support across mobile, desktop and browser that delivers enterprise class telephony and persistent, multi-device instant messaging and team collaboration.
An elegant and powerful meeting experience with HD video, wideband audio and rich interactive content sharing.
Advanced browser / cloud application integration including full no-software (Web RTC) for voice, video, IM, presence, and team collaboration.
Native and web clients built entirely with Avaya’s Client SDK.

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They are more than just a phone, they are a competitive tool. Avaya phones simplify communication with the quality, features, and reliability you need and expect. 

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Avaya Equinox® embeds communications directly into the applications, browsers and devices employees use every day, creating a single gateway for calling, messaging, conferencing and collaboration.

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Tiger Prism is a comprehensive reporting and analytics tool, used to measure and monitor the cost, performance and adoption of UC deployment.